The 1Pyramid in its heyday

The 1Pyramid is the legendary vehicle of the equally legendary 2Pyramidz, and it was used to round up Pyramid Engineers in the Quest for the Pyramid Pioneers. Decorating the blimp are various Pyramid-related themed add-ons, such as a Sphinx-shaped bridge, an Eye-shaped laser and a Pyramid flag, as well as the legendary phrase 'I Am Beautiful' as said by 2Pyramidz himself on many occasions.

Despite being heavily damaged and forced to make a crash landing during this voyage, it was later repaired and fitted with extra-atmospheric systems that allowed it to fly through space.

2Pyramidz wanted to use the blimp to enscribe the words 'I AM BEAUTIFUL' onto the Moon, but he was stopped by local authorities. He would later go on to use the 1Pyramid during the War of the Blue Oblivion, during the infamous Attack on the 1Pyramid, during which the 1Pyramid would be destroyed and 2Pyramidz himself would be killed, albiet as a sacrifice to win the day.

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