Active teach


Activetech is a planet designed and constructed by the Upcyclites to use as a homeworld. Like Raxus Prime, it is a junk world, however, there is no solid rock underneath. The entire world is constructed from junk with a massive power core at the center. The Upcyclites built Activetech after their original homeworld was 'lost'. No-one knows where the Upcyclites originated from, it is possible that their planet was destroyed centuries before the League even made contact with them.

During the Great Credit Crunch Activetech was the site of the Battle of Activetech, when a renegade fleet of Money Spiders attempted to hijack the world and use it as a flagship for their fleet. Thankfully, the League were able to push the Money Spiders back to their homeworld.

The reason why it is called Activetech is because the Upcyclites named it after one of their gods, a computer program called Active Teach, which had taught them everything they knew about language, culture and society.

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