Charlie in his poo armour

'Admiral' Charlie Von Failure, King of the Losers and Causer of Trouble and Strife wherever he goes is a Quarian who, by some twisted mishap of the Quarian's already messed up ranking system, was able to become an Admiral despite showing nex to no military prowess whatsoever.

He takes inspiration from Sontarans, which would be a failure in itself, but he even came up with his own variation of thier battle cry: 'Quarian-HA!', which is used by children to mock him in the streets, laughing at his failure. He also went that one step further and decided to craft his armour out of dried Poo. He then used his poo armour (along with his Shit Sword) to betray the big leader dude of the Quarians who had to flee into exile. Charlie Von Failure then took over the Quarians entire fleet of six-and-a-half ships.

He is known for causing trouble, especially with Turians, and they all hate him. In fact, he is up there with the Great Whinger as one of the most unpopular Quarians to have ever lived. Charlie Von Failure ended up going against the Reapers during a random skirmish which devastated his entire fleet, as all the Quarians on board mutinied and fled the battle. Charlie Von Failure was thought to be dead at this point but he did in fact survive, and he now roams the Galaxy in a tiny escape pod, cauing trouble and strife wherever he goes.

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