Assassins Creed Altair Render by FoxMcCarther

Altair with his deadliest weapon equipped, the Hidden Blade

Altair was an assassin who was the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins based in Syria. He is aruguably one of the most influential assassins to have risen to the ranks of Mentor because of all the changes he brought to the creed. Altair was also an incredidbly skilled assassin and had a variety of weapons at his disposal. This included swords, the hidden blade, throwing knives, poison etc. He was exceptionally skilled at throwing knives, being able to throw upto three at one time to kill upto three targets.

When Altair was charged with the mission to kill Robert De Sable, who was the leader of the Templar Order at the time, he broke the three tennants of the creed which the creed was based around.

  1. Thou shall not harm the innocent in anyway shape or form
  2. Thou shall not bring danger upon th lives of your fellow comrades
  3. Thou shall hide in plain sight, merge with the crowd

Altair broke all three tenents and was demoted to the rank of novice assassin and had to redeem himself. In order to do this, Al mualim gave Altair the task to assassinate Nine idividuals who were all deep within the Templar Order and were of high ranks. After he assassinated all nine individuals, Altair found out that Al mualim was infact part of the Templar Order and seeked to use the Apple (A Piece of Eden)  to control the assassins to do his bidding. Altair managed to kill Al mualim and take the position as Mentor of the Levantine Assassins.

Through Altair's leadership, the creed was revolutionised. Altair would spent countless days locked in his private study, constantly gazing into the Apple and accessing the vast pool of knowledge it contained. he was able to create a new type of metal that was stronger than any metal known to man at the time, but was also ultralight. He redesigned the Hidden Blade so there was no longer any need to remove the ring finger and also it was customized so it could fire projectiles. These projectiles included Poison darts and bullets.

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