Anarkhos, God of Disaster, Chaos and Insanity, living out his outcast in the Dark Space

Anarkhos is the Tenth God of the Pantheon of the League, also known as the God of Disaster, Chaos and Insanity, and argueably the most important God in the League religion. Known as the Rebel-God or the Traitor-God, Anarkhos was said to betray Arceus, his father, after Arceus created the universe. Jealous that Arceus could create so much, Anarkhos was said to swear to destroy all that his father had created. It is for this reason that He indiscriminantly attacks and destroys ships, planets and species all over the Multiverse. Like the rest of the Pantheon, he originally hailed from the Elder Galaxy but now lives in the Dark Space after being outcasted from all the Galaxies by his father. He feasts off what little life exists in the blackness between Galaxies, waiting for his chance to emerge.

Anarkhos did create some beings though, for example, the Pantheon of Dischord, in order to fuel his destructive tendencies by letting them loose inside the Galaxies. This way, he at least has some influence over the evil that exists within Arceus's realms. Anarkhos is worshipped by few, only those who risk the disdain of the Pantheon, as it is believed to be bad luck to worship Anarkhos or even say his name. It is said that there is an asteroid lying somewhere in the Elder Galaxy that can restore Anarkhos to his home Galaxy and therefore release him onto the League once more.

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