Anne Droid

The Anne Droid prepares to fire.

The Anne Droid runs the Weakest Link on board the Game Station, a sinister space station orbiting Earth in the year 200100. She disintergrates the loser of each round with a laser implanted in her mouth.

She was destroyed when Daleks got sick and tired of the fun and games, and attacked the station. Though the Anne Droid went on a Dalek-destroying rampage, she was eventually brought down by an Elite Squadron of Daleks called the Cult of Skaro.

She was sent back in time through a wormhole after the space stations destruction and rebuilt by Jorgey, and she carried on running game shows, like the Weakest Grunt and Who Wants to be a Gruntionaire. It should be noted that the Anne Droid no longer uses her infamous weapon during her hosting of the Grunt Shows, instead Jorgey deals out the punishment to the losing Grunty of each round.

The Weakest Link 200100 on Doctor Who02:49

The Weakest Link 200100 on Doctor Who

The Anne Droid on the Weakest Link

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