The Ardent Prayer above REAAAACH!!!!

The Ardent Prayer was a Covenant Corvette that was part of the fleet attacking REAAAACH!!!!. Mr Jiggles and Grunty Chief were both crewmembers of this ship before it was taken over by Jorgey during the battle.

Ardent Prayer was in orbit when a UNSC strike team of Sabres (led by Jorgey and Noble Six) attacked and boarded it, taking over the communications, main hangar and bridge with ease. Eradicating most of the crew, the UNSC strike team then flew the Corvette up to the unsuspecting supercarrier Long Night of Solace and detonated a Slipspace bomb, tearing the Long Night apart. However, in the process, Jorgey had to sacrifice himself by activating the bomb manually, so he threw Six down to the surface of the planet and activated the slipspace bomb himself, intending to die saving the planet he loved. However, instead of being destroyed, Ardent Prayer was transported to the Forerunner Shield World of Requiem along with its crew and the majority of the Long Night of Solace.

Jorgey used the Ardent Prayer as his personal flagship during the early days of his Requiem campaign, where he rounded up all the Covenant crewmembers of the crashed Long Night and enslaved them all. However, The Ardent Prayer was severely damaged during the transition to Requiem and the subsequent battles on Requiem began to take its toll on the ship. Jorgey's aide, Mr. Jiggles, who had taken over the ship, suggested that the ship be taken back to Covenant space for repairs, but Jorgey refused, instead crashing the ship on Requiem and forming the basis for the Temple of Requiem.

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