The Cat Army prepares to attack

Army no.1138 is the nickname given to the army of Cats recruited by the insane Marine no.1138. The army originally consisted of just two cats who would never follow his orders, but it eventually grew to over five thousand members. They waged war on the Sontarans and the Quarians, and slaughtered both armies in combat. The Quarians defence was even more pathetic, they only captured one cat and when  they tried to interrogate it, it just scratched their breather masks off and caused them to die.
Quarians and cat

The only cat the Quarians ever captured, which killed them both

The Quarians were utterly annihilated in the battle, and Big Leader Guy was killed by a massive furball. And the Sontarans defence was even more pitiful, we don't even need to go into that, everyone knows how much of a failure Sontarans are.

After defeating their foes, the cat army grew restless and eventually turned on Marine no.1138, scratching him until he developed a cat allergy. The cats then all fled and became mercenaries, and apparently evolved into the Khajiit. Hmm.


A mouse being dragged into the mouth of a ninja cat.

They also have a lot of ninja cats, which have never been photographed due to their immense stealth. The best anyone could get was a picture of some cheese, that then tired to kill them and catch a piece of fluff at the same time.

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