As you can see, he likes to either obey orders or give them. As there are only two options here, he tends to stick to one.

Arnold Judas Rimmer is a crewmember on the mining ship Red Dwarf. He is a hologram, because he is dead. He is very big-headed, and believes he is the absolute centre of the universe. He wanted to be leader of the League, but considering his current rank is "chicken soup dispenser cleaner," the league as a unit all voted against him taking over. He then went on to move up in the ranks, and now takes charge of all the League's pet iguanas.

The "H" on his head symbolises him being a hologram, no matter how much he wants it to stand for heavy-metal. Also, he is into hammond-organ music, risk, and likes taking pictures of telegraph poles. Despite his apparent dullness, he is actually a keen sportsman, and enjoys jogging, cycling and minature golf.

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