Three Astromech Droids, all of the R2-model

Astromech Droids (aka the cute ones) are a useful droid type that originated in the Force Galaxy but soon spread throughout League space as well. The Astromech Droids have a varied range of uses, in fact the term 'Astromech Droid' is merely the name of one type of these droids that has become the name for the entire 'species'. There are other jobs that these droids perform besides Space Travel, such as Agromech Droids who help on farms or in the home, and Blastromech Droids who work as bouncers for pubs. Astromech Droids can be programmed with all sorts of other uses too, from serving drinks to predicting gambling odds.

Another feature  which makes Astromech Droids so useful is the wide range of tools that they are equipped with, from jet boosters to lockpicks to computer spikes to buzz saws, Astromech's certainly have a tool for every job. There are several different models of Astromech, each with its own benefits and drawbacks:

  • R1-Units are Agromech Droids designed to hold coats and perform menial household chores. They look like lamp-posts
  • R2-Units are the basic all-round type with a number of tools and functions and are generally regarded as the most popular model due to their versatility.
  • R3-Units are primarily space-travel assistants designed to fit into the sockets of Starships and perform in-flight repairs. They can also assist the ship's computer in performing hyperspace or slipspace jumps.
  • R4-Units are designed to perform repairs on things a little less full-on than a starship, like a small computer or a landspeeder. However, they are also useful for large ships as well.
  • R5-Units are the 'budget model' of the series and have no real specialities other than that they are cheap. They are designed to be used by farmers so they have limited functions and capabilities.
  • R6-Units was the more expensive version of the R-5 Unit, retaining the functionaility of the previous models whilst still being a help around the house.
  • R7-Units were a military creation, designed to quickly and effeciantly repair starships and weapons whilst also being able to perform in-flight repairs on larger ships, both inside and out.
  • R8-Units, nicknamed 'answer machines', function as interpreters and communications experts, operating in call centers and other such places
  • R9-Units were devious creations, designed only to protect and repair other astromech droids. They were released as another all-round droid but many went rogue and some even killed their owners.

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