Battle of the Crypt (Blue Oblivion)


Battle of Barnhill

{{{Attack on the 1Pyramid}}}
Attack on the 1Pyramid

The 1Pyramid is attacked by Governer forces


War of the Blue Oblivion


Early 2020 PLF




Bound Swords victory

  • Commander Proportionally Accurate killed
  • Governer forces weakened considerably

Bound Swords

  • 1Pyramid crew

The Governers


Hickory Dickory Dock

Commander Proportionally Accurate

  • Commander Proportionally Accurate
  • Various demonic entities
  • Several hundred fighters
  • Several pickets


Commander Proportionally Accurate

The Attack on the 1Pyramid was a battle that occured during the closing weeks of the War of the Blue Oblivion. The Battle occured some time after the Battle of the Crypt, and the Moderatefella had been in the air for almost 3 months before it began to run out of fuel. After transmitting a distress call, the Moderatefella was picked up by the 1Pyramid, an airship owned by 2Pyramidz, a former member of the Clique.

Attempting to reach the Bound Swords rallying point proved difficult, however, as the airship was attacked by Commander Proportionally Accurate, who had been ousted from the League Military after his deception was discovered but had been able to procure several powerful warships. The Commander attacked with his full force of fighters which overwhelmed the 1Pyramid's shields and severely damaged the main airship envelope.

Crippled, the 1Pyramid crashed, but the Bound Swords were able to board the refuelled Moderatefella and shot down many of the Commander's ships. 2Pyramidz, Hickory and Lesbitrix attacked Commander Proportionally Accurate's ship directly, with a quick insertion allowing the Moderatefella to drop them into the hangar bay of his ship and take off before being shot down. After making their way to the bridge and with Hickory duelling Commander Proportionally Accurate, 2Pyramidz sacrificed himself to destroy the vessel, killing the Sontaran but also himself in the process.

The loss of Commander Proportionally Accurate proved disastrous for the Governers. With their main strategic director dead, their forces began to dwindle as the League Military enclosed around their strongholds and wiped out what remained of their ships. Hickory would comment on how the loss of 2Pyramidz may have been worth it, as the Attack on the 1Pyramid proved to be a turning point in the War of the Blue Oblivion.

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