Ay Jay Pee Taylor's logo, which got into Clip Art and now resides on every school-related powerpoint presentation in existence.

Ay Jay Pee Taylor is the most famous League Historian ever. he has documented everything, from the Creepy Creeper to the Sontarans, and he also works as a political cartoonist for the League.

He is a Human, but his lifespan has been extended. He is rumoured to be almost 1000 years old, but he denies such rumours, saying that people should concentrate "Not on (him), but on (his) work."

Ay Jay Pee Taylor had recently gone on an expedition to the outskirts of League space with a team of scientists when his ship was attacked by Sontarans. Despite the fact that he was outnumbered thirty-five to one, and they were armed with lasers, Ay Jay Pee Taylor was able to defeat them all with a pencil and a notepad. The expedition then continued as normal.

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