The Badass Hobbit celebrates after another battle

The Badass Hobbit was a Hobbit who lived in The Shire. He was one of the few Hobbits to get up off his arse and actually go out to fight in the War of the Ring, but only as long as he had his pouch of weed with him at all times. The Badass Hobbit gained his nickname because he has the uncanny abilitiy to be... well... a badass.

The Badass Hobbit can instantly kill any Orcs or Uruk-Hai with his knife, and he even managed to kill the Balrog after the Orcs tried to revive him. At the end of the war, Badass Hobbit returned to the Shire to tell stories of his adventures, only to find that his tales were overshadowed by the likes of Frodo. So he once again left the Shire and became a Bard, travelling the land telling his stories to all who will listen, and keeping the spirit of the Shire alive far beyond its borders.

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