The quad are bad

The Badfellas at one of their failed meetings

The Badfellas are the Goodfella's worst enemy and they spend the majority of their time plotting the downfall of the Goodfellas. They come up with crazy plans that always fail, no matter what.

'Host' Chatee

He was apparently a victim of the Virus and was desperate to cure it. He was responsible for the death of the Unknown Goodfella. He joined the badfellas to find a cure for the Virus but was later turned into a scarecrow by the Scot.

Alien Thing

A Super-Smart alien from the planet Zog, he was killed when Strongarm cut his pony tail off. Turns out he was just as dumb as everyone else.


He was a normal guy until Crazi Stan accidently hit him with a crazy-ray-inator. This made him a psycotic lunatic, and his insanity soon led him to fall off a skyscraper. Hmm.

Three-Fingered Johnny

Apparently he's the leader, but he is by far the most insane. The Scot shot him through the head with a bow and arrow in a duel, but three-fingered Johnny also managed to shoot the Scot with a reversal ray.


The Badfellas looking glum after their resurrection


After the deaths of all the Badfellas, their bodies were collected and resurrected as zombies by Bitch Machine, however, they were all re-killed by Shirazzle Dazzle and his minions in the Battle of the Luna Library.

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