Trask's disguise, shortly after transforming on the Endar Spire

Bandy, an apparent Sith Apprentice of Malak, was one of the many disguises utilised by Trask Ulgo in order to keep track of Rarth Devan's adventures throughout the Galaxy, during The Writing of the Travel Guide. Rather than simply disguising as an inanimate object to follow Devan, Trask decided to go one step further and disguise as a person.

Bandy confronted Devan on Manaan. Somehow he had accessed the underwater and extremely secret Hrraket Rift, despite the fact that Devan had took the only Submarine that Ahto City had left. Devan seemingly killed Bandy in combat, but we all know that that didn't happen...

After being defeated by Devan, Trask was assured that he was competent enough to finish writing his Galactic Travel Guide and ditched the Bandy Disguise forever.

For years it dwelled in the Hrraket Rift, eagerly awaiting the day its master will return to collect it, but he never did. Instead, the disguise was found years later, and was believed to be the preserved remains of Bandy (the disguise was very good even without an occupant). A crazy Alderaanian museum curator removed the head of the disguise and mounted it on the wall of his museum, eternally proclaiming the awesomeness of Trask.