Bankington spider

The Twisted Creature...

Bankington is the twisted master of Poundington, who is an alien spider that fell to Earth.

He conducts the battle against the Prowlers from beneath a Chapel, and his apprentice Poundington does his bidding by communicating with him telepathically.

There is a seismograph in the Crypt in which the Bankington dwells, and the ticking of the ancient device pleases the slumbering monster....

Bankington shares a resemblance to another creepy guy who doesn't get on well with people...

Bankington was killed in an incursion near the start of the War on the Maths Mafia, as he attempted to attack Emewafwawa, Drez Bro Dude A and Virtuoso but was slain by Emewafwawa. Although this never went down on Maths Mafia records (The Mafia wouldn't have cared anyway, Bankington was never a member), Poundington harboured a resentment of Emewafwawa ever since, and vowed to avenge his fallen master, since he was now the last of his kind.

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