Several Photographs taken of Bario during his spree

Bario is a guy who gets high on blue crayon, and draws all over the city. He giggles maniacally as he leaps about, scrawling meaningless messages all over the place. Some say he can scale buildings so fast that if you watch him run down an alley he'll have fallen on your head by the time you turn around.

Apparently he also attacks people. A documentation written by one of his victims says:

Meddle Cook

Bario in his maniacal state.

"You will be having a nice dream and that's when you hear... It...

Then you turn around... And no ones there..'You carry on walking and then there it is again..'You quicken up your pace as you try to avoid the inevitable... Then you hear the chuckle but this time its continous and gradually getting louder..'You look to your sides and behind you.. No ones there..'You only have a second to look up and notice him falling towards you... He lands on you and you black out..'And all you hear in the pitch black is the constant chuckling..."

-Victim of an attack from Bario-

Bario is said to run an arcade by day, so he assumes a normal life. No-one has ever videoed Bario so we have no idea of what his sprees consist of. All we have is a drawing by a child who saw him one day scribbling on a building, as shown above, and a few cryptic photographs regarding his appearance.

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