Barricade during his rap video

Barricade is a Decepticon who joined forces with Megatron to help annihilate Optimus Prime. He was a realist who saw the war more as a political struggle than an excuse to blow stuff up, as most of his fellow Decepticons did. Barricade was happy to obey the commands of Megatron but was not overly brutal, and he disliked Starscream because of his treacharous streak.

During the Decepticons' first attack on Earth, Barricade fled the battle near the end, knowing that the Decepticons had lost. He refused to take part in the Fallen's attempts to conquer Earth, which was a wise move as the Fallen was an idiot who got himself killed by Optimus Prime.

Barricade hid in Chicago for a time, which happened to be the battleground for the Decepticons' third incursion on Earth. Faced with no other choice, Barricade aided the Decepticons in the city but was soon struck down by a Human sniper, who took out both his eyes. Blinded for a time, Barricade retreated from the battle but was obliterated when a Human soldier stuck a Boomstick to his foot.

Barricade was known to have a powerful voice and was a great leader figure for the Decepticons in Chicago. he is notable for being one of the few Decepticons to posess a degree of intelligance above that of your average Grunt. His voice sounded oddly similar to this guy.

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