Attack on the 1Pyramid


Battle of Minas Cahnon

{{{Battle of Barnhill}}}

The Battle rages whilst George insists there is nothing to see


War of the Blue Oblivion


2020 PLF




Bound Swords victory

  • Prince George the Failure killed
  • Barnhill liberated

Bound Swords

The Governers


Hickory Dickory Dock

Prince George the Failure

  • Prince George the Failure
  • 20 Cavaliers



The Battle of Barnhill was the penultimate battle of the War of the Blue Oblivion that took place in the small and relatively unknown town of Barnhill, which resides on a hill near the Blue City. Because Barnhill was the closest outpost to the Blue City it was invaded and conquered by Prince George the Failure, a political outcast who had survived the Battle of Parliament and now wished to be possessed by the Revenant in order to rule the League.

The Bound Swords happened to pass through Barnhill on their pilgrimage to the Blue City, which had now been reformatted into Minas Cahnon, and were confronted by Prince George and what was left of the Governers, who were desperate to claw their way back into power in the League and presumed that the Bound Swords had come to kill them in their weakened state. Ironically, the Bound Swords had no idea that the Governers were residing in Barnhill, and had had little contact with the League in the past 5 months and so would not have known that the Governers were even evil. In revealing themselves to the Bound Swords, the Governers gave away the grand scheme of the Revenant and forced the Bound Swords to fight them.

Hickory Dickory Dock decided to duel Prince George one-on-one whilst Lesbitrix, Shurachiken and Samuramanda fought off wave after wave of Cavaliers. The Governers themselves were barely competant in combat and it wasn't long before Shurachiken and Samuramanda rounded them all up. Soon, only Prince George remained. Hickory had held him off for the duration of the Battle but with the combined forces of all four Bound Swords the Prince was overpowered, and together they beat him to death with several Economics textbooks.

Following the battle, the Bound Swords made for Minas Cahnon, leaving the citizens of Barnhill to repair the superficial damage to their town.

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