Battle of Arcadia


Battle of Installation 04

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Battle of Reach

The Pillar of Autumn flees Reach, with Johnny and Cortana on board


Human-Covenant War


2552 PLF




Covenant victory, Reach glassed, Noble Team all but destroyed, most if not all Human forces crushed





Arbiter, Badass McPhantom

Carter,various UNSC Admirals



  • Hundreds of Supercarriers
  • Thousands of Cruisers
  • Thousands of Corvettes
  • Countless ground forces
  • Thousands of Frigates
  • Hundreds of Capital Ships
  • Several Orbital Defence platforms
  • Large numbers of ground forces



  • Hundreds of Capital Ships
  • Grafton
  • Savannah
  • Most other Frigates
  • All orbital defence platforms
  • Near-total destruction of ground forces
  • Carter
  • Kat
  • Emile
  • Planet glassed
Civilian casualties
  • All civilians not evacuated within the first few hours of the battle killed
The Battle of Reach, alternatively called the Fall of Reach or the Prelude to the finding of Installation 04, was an incident that took place during the Human-Covenant War, that revolved around Reach. The Battle began when the Covenant attacked the Human fortress of Reach, devastating the air defences and glassing the planet. Since Reaper reinforcements were many light years away, the Humans were relying on the many Spartan teams stationed on Reach to defend it, including Noble Team, which had Jorgey in it, and Red Team, which had Johnny in it. Despite the best efforts of the Spartans and the Humans, Reach fell, and many were killed. Jorgey survived the battle when he sacrificed himself to destroy a Covenant Supercarrier using a portal, only for him to be pulled through and land on Requiem. Johnny also fled the battle in the Pillar of Autumn.

Despite the Humans losing this battle, it made no difference to the outcome of the war. The Humans lost very few battles from then on because the Reapers decided to station their forces at the edge of each star system within response range, preventing the Covenant from carrying out surprise attacks, and soon after the Covenant fell due to the actions of Arby, Johnny and Cortana.

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