Rock battle

As one of their ships is destroyed, the Money Spiders open fire on Rock with their lasers

The Battle of Rock, also known as the Rock-Off, was a sub-conflict of the Great Credit Crunch occuring in 1973 PLF which saw the devastation of the homeworld of the Mole Men by the Money Spiders. The Money Spiders were desperate to claim resources to aid in their battle against the Prowlers, and they saw Earth as a resource-rich world filled with a potential slave-race and heaps of resources. They attempted to use Luna as a base of operations but the ships that they sent there were hit by Luna's natural weak EM field which Money Spiders were not used to countering. They instead decided to land on Rock, causing uproar with the locals there.

The Mole Men had basic understanding of their homeworld's defence systems and immediately opened fire on the fleet of Arachnid-class ships which now surrounded their asteroid home. Despite taking down several of the warships to great jubilation, the Money Spiders quickly destroyed the gun turrets on the planet and began landing troops. The Mole Men jettisoned several pods with members of their race on down to Earth, which landed in the United States of America.

Despite the valiant efforts of the Mole Men on the ground, the Money Spiders quickly took over the Asteroid and disabled its communications, but not before the Mole Men in the Star-Nosed Spire had sent a quick distress call to a nearby League military convoy, which arrived just in time to destroy the Money Spider's reinforcement fleet. As the League Military destroyed the Money Spiders ships, the Mole Men rose up and eradicated the Money Spider's ground forces. Despite it being a victory for the Mole Men, their world was damaged to a state of devastation, and it would take years for them to rebuild. Their numbers diminished and their cities smashed, the Mole Men retreated underground, where they would remain in isolation for nearly 50 years. Meanwhile, the Mole Men on Earth began building lives of their own, notably as DJs in strange nightclubs...

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