Siege of the Soundboard


Attack on the 1Pyramid

{{{Battle of the Crypt (Blue Oblivion)}}}
Battle of the crypt

The forces of the Bound Swords are ambushed


War of the Blue Oblivion


Late 2019 PLF




Bound Swords victory

  • Mr Merrilocks killed
  • Miniwafwawa turned

Swords of the Soundboard

The Governers

  • Mr Merrilocks
  • Revenant

Hickory Dickory Dock



  • Mr Merrilocks
  • Commander Proportionally Accurate
  • Various demonic entities


Mr Merrilocks

The Battle of the Crypt was a conflict that occured during the War of the Blue Oblivion, between the Bound Swords and the forces of the Revenant. Following the Siege of the Soundboard and the death of Soundlord SuperNutty, the remainder of the Bound Swords fled to the wastelands as fugitives.

Realising that the Revenant was taking control of all demonic spirits and entities that existed in the Galaxy, the Bound Swords deduced that she would attempt to claim the wealth of demonic artifacts located in The Crypt, and travelled there to prevent that from happening. However, upon arriving, they were confronted by Commander Proportionally Accurate and Mr. Merrilocks, who revealed to them that the Revenant wished to possess the body of Shirazzle Dazzle in order to sway the League Senate and make herself ruler of the League.

The two forces then battled. Lesbitrix and Hickory fought Merrilocks whilst the other Bound Swords held off Commander PA's forces. After a lengthy duel involving many forms of hand-to-hand combat, Mr. Merrilocks was killed but the Commander escaped, and after scanning the area for residual MRE energy, Hickory discovered that the Chamber of Music had been opened.

Venturing forth into the Chamber, Hickory was confronted by Miniwafwawa, son of Emewafwawa, who had pledged his allegiance to the Revenant and given her access to the Chamber of Music. Hickory fought with Miniwafwawa and attempted to sway him over to the light, revealing that his father fought for the Forces of Good during the Battle of the Distortion World, and died a hero. Convinced, Miniwafwawa attempted to revert his mistake but was stopped and critically injured by the Revenant, who appeared in the Chamber to claim the artifacts inside. Hickory dragged Miniwafwawa to the Moderatefella and ordered a takeoff, but not before detonating charges that the Bound Swords had placed all around the Crypt, collapsing the Catacombs.

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