First Battle of Minas Music


Fall of the Maths Mafia

{{{Battle of the Luna Library}}}

The colony which contains the Luna Library


War on the Maths Mafia


Early 2014 PLF




Forces of Good Victorious

  • Luna Library liberated

Forces of Good

Bitch Machine


Shirazzle Dazzle

Bitch Machine

  • Goodfella Robots
  • Badfella Zombies


  • Bolazafl


  • Bitch Machine
  • All Zombified Badfellas
  • All Goodfella Robots

The Battle of the Luna Library was a conflict that occured on Luna in the Luna Library, owned by the Great Inverted Ones, between the forces of Good and the resurrected Badfellas, led by a deranged Bitch Machine. Bitch Machine also created twisted robotic versions of the Goodfellas to also serve as her minions.

The Battle started when Bitch Machine, enraged at Shirazzle Dazzle's recent engagement to Bitchazzle Dazzle, kidnapped Shirazzle's soon-to-be bride and took her to the Luna Library to make her final stand. Desperate, Shirazzle set up a gang of followers, mostly consisting of the same forces that helped him in the Battle of Stock Castle, minus those who had been killed in the Battles since.

When his taskforce of minions arrived on Luna, they found the outpost containing the Luna Library severely damaged. Something horrible had attacked the outpost and it was soon revealed to be the Badfellas. Bitch Machine had used her bitchy dark magic to resurrect them as Zombies. Not only that, but she had also created strange robotic version of the Goodfellas.


The four twisted Badfella zombies

After a heated battle in which Bolazafl was struck down by the zombiefied Host Chatee, Shirazzle infiltrated the Palace of Bitch Machine (actually the Luna Library itself). He freed Bitchazzle Dazzle as well as the five Great Inverted Ones, who then combined their powers to contain Bitch Machine in a Degauss container, reducing her to pure Degauss.

Meanwhile, the battle still raged. Spein, Noiall and Drez Bro Dude A, along with the newly freed Great Inverted Ones, were able to destroy the Goodfella robots. However, after Bolazafl's incapitation they realised that the Badfella zombies were too dangerous. They called for help from the League, but the Badfellas blocked their communications.

In the resulting duel, Drez managed to impale the remains of Three Fingered Johnny with an arrow, ironically. After she did this, the remaining Badfellas weakened in power, and Alien was immidietly blown to smithereens by Noiall's Zog Blaster. The two remaining Badfellas, Host Chatee and Prat, were then reduced to dust by Spein's terrible bagpipe playing.

With Luna saved, the heroes returned to Earth and left the Great Inverted Ones to their studies once more.

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