Ben Jabituya

Helloooo Newton! What is for dinner!

Ben Jabituya is an enginner working for the American Government (later merged into the UNSC) and had a great influence in the creation of the initial Human Artificial Intelligance projects, including the forerunners to the 'modern' AIs used in Human ships.

He is also a member of several pioneering robotics companies, the creations of which were adapted by the UNSC later on and especially during the Human-Covenant War.

Now, this sounds all well and good, but Ben is often seen as a bit of an idiot. Aside from his many mix-ups regarding American sayings and phrases (mostly because of his obvious Indian origins, despite his claims that his ancestors are from Pittsburgh), he is also vulnerable to many panic attacks and he screams like a girl.

Youtube ClipEdit

The Best of Ben Jabituya Short Circuit02:26

The Best of Ben Jabituya Short Circuit

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