A likeness, hmmm?

She has always admired Shirazzle Dazzle, and despite once trying to seduce a member of the Goodfellas (without success) she now tries to make life miserable for everyone.

Why are you even reading this? GO AWAY.

See? Thats just a sample of how bitchy she can be. If she'd have actually written this article (which, suprise suprise, she didn't) then you would have heard that from the start. But the Forces of Good promised that they wouldn't subject you to bitchiness like that all the time.

However, she does that to everyone, so why shouldn't they? If she wasn't one of the Dazzling Duo, (which she pretends to be, even though she isn't) the gang wouldn't even let her go near the Goodfellas. She is, however, a member of the Anti-Virus Gang.

Despite this, her insanity went too far and she eventually attacked the Luna Library to gain attention from Shirazzle. She reanimated the Badfellas as Zombies and created robot versions of all the Goodfellas and then entrenched herself in the Library and waited for Shirazzle to attack her. This eventually led to her death in the Battle of the Luna Library. Ha.

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