Black hand

Black Hand, the devious plotter of evil

Black Hand is the arch-nemesis of Super Bunny and his origins are linked somehow with Super Bunny's past. When Super Bunny crashed on Earth, he was holding a necklace. Presuming it to be the source of his power, he kept it, but it turned out to be a spawn of evil which created Black Hand before fleeing to parts unknown.

Black Hand himself is little more than just a Human hand with a face, but don't let his appearance fool you - he is an evil, twisted, merciless and insane soul who wants nothing more than to squash humanity and control the League for himself. Super Bunny has defeated his armies, foiled his plans and destroyed his starships on many occasions, but even that doesn't stop the Hand. He has even gone against the League in ship-to-ship combat in his evil bids for power.

He has also teamed up with the Slime Monster and Zombie Bunny on numerous occasions.

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