Blackout posing for the Decepticon group photo

Blackout is tall. REALLY tall. Apparently he's ever taller than Megatron. Blackout is the Decpticon's infiltration and invesitigation officer, and he does his job well, so well in fact that he can take out an entire military base with little effort. He took part in the Decepticon's first incursion to Earth, which didn't end well for him or his boss since they were both brutally killed. Blackout suffered massive internal damage and a crotch-shot was enough to take him down.

He was resurrected, however, along with his master to join the Fallen's army of Decepticons, however, before Blackout could even sign up he was ordered to take part in an attack on Optimus Prime led by Megatron. Optimus kicked the oil out of Megatron who called Blackout and Starscream in to help him. Starscream was literally disarmed and beaten to a pulp and Blackout's head was forcibly removed and his body was rendered dead.

This time there was no resurrection for poor old Blackout, and his body was left lying there in the forest forevermore.

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