Blue city

The Blue City, also known as the Foundation or the City of Genesis, was a utopian city located on Earth near the town of Barnhill. The Blue City was notable for its love of the colour Blue, with all its residents wearing Blue, the interior decoration being Blue, and even some of the residents being from a race of Blue-skinned humanoids from another solar system.

The city was home to the likes of Shirazzle Dazzle, SuperNutty, Hickory Dickory Dock and Spein for a time, and it is believed that they were trained in the art of insanity by the top professors there, many of whom were secretly members of the Maths Mafia.

The Blue City was invaded and temporarily destroyed by the Revenant, who transformed the city into Minas Cahnon to use as a base of refuge for her political allies. However, the League drove the Revenant from the city during the Battle of Minas Cahnon and restored the city to its former glory.

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