The Blue Meanie Leader

Blue Meanines are twisted creatures that hate music. Well, they seem nice from that point of view. If, for example, by Music you mean This Guy's kind of music, you may well agree with the Meanies. But  these guys hate ALL kinds of Music.

Despite being evil, their hatred of Music made them useful during the Battle of Minas Music.

The Meanies also recruit Countdown Clowns, strange semi-robotic creatures that scream and spin their heads around before blowing people up with their squeaky noses.

By far the weirdest however are the Apple Bonkers. They are really, really tall top-hat wearing men in purple tailcoats who carry apples and bonk people with them.

There are many other different types, for example:

  • Creepy Green-Jacketed men with blobfish for hands
  • Cat-like furry animals with numbers on their chests that stomp on butterflies
  • Weird Blue-suited bald men with wine glasses, that have feet that open to reveal hands holding guns
  • A giant flying Glove (nicknamed 'The Dreadful Flying Glove')
  • Fat fez-wearing moustached men with snapping turtle faces in their chests
  • A Giant anteater with a Vacuum Cleaner for a mouth

The Meanies greatest achievement, however, is the Anti-Music Missile, a device which can destroy all forms of Music. As you can imagine, it was very useful against Emewafwawa and his forces during the Battle of Minas Music.

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