Blue Midget in all its glory

Blue Midget is a tiny shuttlecraft contained within the mining ship Red Dwarf. Although there are hundreds of Blue Midgets, the most notable one is the one owned and driven by Dave Lister, which was customised by him when he awoke from his 3 million year stasis sleep. The ship looks rather like a bladeless helicopter with treads and large headlights, and is mainly used for ship-to-surface scouting missions. The bumber sticker on the back says 'My other star ship is a Red Dwarf'.

There are other Blue Midgets as well, some of which use different designs to Dave's. One has a bulbous front and retractable legs and another has massive engines at the back designed for racing and speedy escapes. Several Blue Midgets have been destroyed in the past, sometimes by the crew themselves. For example, a Polymorph got on board one Blue Midget and it was abandoned by the crew, and then destroyed by a barrage of Starbug's laser cannons.

Blue Midget proved its speedy advantage when Rimmer, after going insane and swapping his body with Lister's, fled Red Dwarf in Starbug and began circling a barren planet. The rest of the crew boarded Blue Midget and flew after him, catching up in just a few days. They then forced his Starbug to crash and recovered Lister's body as well as Rimmer himself, now knocked sane again.

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