Boba showing off his skillz

Boba Fett is the bounty hunter son of Jango Fett, even though technically he isn't his son, he is his clone. Boba Fett was born on Kamino, a planet inhabited by Cloners, as a prototype for the new clone troopers developed for the Galactic Republic that used Jango as a template. Boba was unaltered, meaning that he did not possess the docile nature of the other clones and he aged normally.

Jango raised Boba as his own until his death at the hands of the Galaxy's only black guy, and Boba then had to continue on his own. He was given money by the CIS in the form of his father's pay for several years before he became a bounty hunter himself.

Boba was just as successful as his father but also retained his rubbishy armour and weapons, but thankfully he invested in weapons that actually worked and fixed his jetpack. Unfortunatly, like his father, he chose his sides unwisely, and ended up siding with the creepy fat useless slug Jabba the Hutt.

He resided in Jabba's Pizza Place, known as Pizza Hutt, when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were brought forward to be executed by being thrown into Jabba's Mother's Arse Hole. When they escaped, Boba showed off his skillz and attempted to recapture them, only for his jetpack to malfunction at the worst possible time. Boba then fell into the Arse Hole, and was apparently killed.

However, he was not killed. He later escaped and went on to own Pizza Hutt himself, oddly enough.

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