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CABAL, which is an anagram for Crappy Association for the Blatant Annihilation of Life, was a team of guys who got together to destroy the universe but only ended up killing themselves by creating a maniacal A.I. who hated all life and killed all of them when he was activated. Naming himself CABAL, which now stands for Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform, the A.I. set about building himself an army by using the Crappy Associations immense cloning facilities to create a huge armed force loyal only to him. More robotic than human in nature, these clones were blessed by CABAL and he swore to destroy the League.

He attacked several planets with his clones but found the League military to be more devious than even he had thought. Out of the thirteen planets he attacked he claimed five of them, and lost the rest. Enraged at his failure, he decided to improve his clones by adding Cybernetic Enhancements, and their performance soared. Naming his new organization NOD, which means 'New Order of Destruction', he renewed his attack on the Galaxy and the League's foces were spread thin. He moved his computer core to one of his captured planets and decided that the time had come for him to shed his biological influence and become 100% machine, proving that machines are more advanced and sophisticated than organics.

Renaming himself LEGION, (Logarithmically Engineered Governing Intelligence Of Nod), and altering his apperance to make him more threatening, he broadcasted his intent to the entire Galaxy, an event which became known as the Nod Crisis. Desperate, the League called upon every ounce of its army and eventually pushed NOD back and onto its origin planet. Daleks, Borg, Reapers and Cybertronians were some of the few creatures that could fight LEGION, since his use of toxic gas against biologicals made him a deadly threat to the Galaxy.

After a lengthy battle the NOD forces were crushed and their base ransacked, however, LEGION was never found. Rumour has it that he has re-adopted the name CABAL and has infiltrated the internet of Earth, but we will never know for sure...

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