CIS fleet

A segment of the CIS fleet.

The CIS is an organization set up by the Sith in an attempt to topple the Galactic Republic. It eventually managed to achieve its goal, but at the cost of its entire fleet. The Republic was later re-established soon after.

The CIS employs Battle Droids as soldiers, which are (apparently) less effective than living organisms such as Daleks or Grunts. This is probably one of the reasons why the CIS had limited success in the Clone War. However, the CIS did develop several effective combat droids which were later put to use by the Galactic Empire - the Super Battle Droid was far superior to its pathetic, skeletal bretheren, and comparisons were drawn between the relationship Battle Droids have with Super Battle Droids to the relationship between Orcs and Uruk-hai. The CIS also invented the immensely powerful Droideka, but even this was not enough to win them the war.

The CIS were also unpopular, they were hated by everyone in the Galaxy except for those they conquered, which apparently love them for some reason. Even if a species who hates the CIS is conquered by them, they will suddenly love them for some reason. This may be in part due to the smear campaign that the Republic directed towards the CIS during the war, which made them seem like the bad guys when in actual fact they had better ideas than Macey Space ever did. Despite this they were universally shunned by the greater part of the Galaxy.

CIS army

Some CIS droids marching into battle

This is unfortunate as, in reality, the CIS were not only just and fair but also effective. Their soldiers were far better than the crappy clones (apart from the Battle Droids themselves, which were rubbish) and the CIS Council treated their conquered planets with respect. They always got a bad reputation though, and ended up joining SUCAS, which effectively ended their reign as a Galactic Superpower.


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