Captain disproportionate

Captain Disproportionate

Captain Disproportionate was a philosophical Sontaran who joined the Maths Mafia in an attempt to see 'The Honour of Battle'. In short, he did not, as he was murdered during the Fall of the Maths Mafia by some of Emewafwawa's Flute Brigade. His death did not alert the other Mafia Members in Minas Maths and it was not until at least five murders later that the Mafia realised what was going on.

The Captain's aliases include Mr Potato Head and Senor Sontaran.

The Proportionate legacy was continued, however, by Captain Disproportionate's elder brother, Commander Proportionally Accurate, who attempting to stage a coup of the League Military during the War of the Blue Oblivion and, of course, lost.

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