Battles are short conflicts that usually make up larger Wars. Since War itself is just a time of conflict, individual Battles can be classed as Wars but not all Wars can be classed as individual Battles. Battles usually take a short amount of time, usually a day or less. Any time in which the opposing armies stop fighting, say, for rest, instigates the end of said Battle. This is usually how Second and Third Battles can occur. This also happens if Battles from more than one War are fought in the same place. The Battles are chronologically ordered First, Second, Third, Fourth etc. In this case, each of these Battles are completely seperate whereas Battles that have been put on hold and resumed can be considered longer campaigns or even Wars themselves. A small Battle with only a few combatants is known as a Skirmish. A Battle can consist of several Skirmishes, or a Skirmish can occur on its own. Skirmishes themselves are technically Battles. A Battles between two or three combatants is known as a Duel. Duels can take place during a Battle, usually near the end.