Chamber of Music

The Chamber of Music

The Chamber of Music is supposedly a hidden place in the Crypt in which Emewafwawa stores a massive source of MRE.  Emewafwawa was heading to the Crypt to open the Chamber of Music in order to fuel his army, but thanks to the Raid on the Crypt conducted by Drez Bro Dude A, he never got to fulfil his task. However, Emewafwawa made a plan. His spawn, Miniwafwawa, was hidden from the Maths Mafia and the League, and instructed to open the Chamber of Music if Emewafwawa was ever struck down, which he was during the Battle of the Distortion World.

Rumour has it that the Chamber of Music may even contain Erl Koing himself. What will come from the situation regarding the Chamber is unknown.

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