AWWW YEHAAAH! -Chips Dubbo on flying tanks

Chips Dubbo is a living legend. Not only did he survive the destruction of not one, not two, but THREE Forerunner Installations, but he also apparently flew back to Earth by himself. As in, without a ship or anything. He is also somehow able to be on the Ark and Earth at the same time, but then again, that might just be the ODST hallucinating.

He's an Austrailian Marine who loves Johnny and happily aids him in combat. From the very first day that Johnny got out of his cryotube on the Pillar of Autumn, Chips has been by his side. However, Chips has also gone and done several missions of his own. The good news is if he dies he just reappears again somewhere else, so UNSC bases are littered with his bodies. Despite this, he is still a happy, cheerful and humourous Marine and an invaluable ally to Chiefitus Prime and the rest of the Big Green Style.

He can teleport, turn invisible, fly, jump really high, shoot fireballs, fire lasers and eat really hot chilli.

He also throws grenades dedicated to his mother at Covenant. Which means overall, he has dedicated the deaths of five hundred thousand Covenant to his mother. She must be so proud.

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