Clique civil war

Members of the Clique preparing for combat

The Clique Civil War was a conflict that occured within the secret organisation known as The Clique. It began when one of its founding members, Ann-dversus-Dazzle, decided to reeee against the leader of The Clique, Shirazzle Dazzle, for the good of the organisation. She was supported by several other Clique members, who took to calling themselves the 'Clique Reformists', who also doubted Shirazzle Dazzle's leadership. In turn, those loyal to Shirazzle called themselves the 'Clique Loyalists'.

The Conflict Edit

Though there was very little open fighting, small engagements between Clique members were common. There were no deaths throughout the war, which was good publicity for Shirazzle Dazzle since he often gave the notion of being non-violent. Despite not being a member of the Clique, Noiall decided to step in and help Shirazzle in his endeavour, which marked a turning point in the war in Shirazzle's favour.

The Conclusion Edit

Eventually, the fighting got so intense that Shirazzle called a truce. The Clique Reformists were officially assimilated back into the Clique and the fighting stopped. However, Shirazzle Dazzle later disappeared from League Space, going on a journey to discover the identity of a mysterious Oracle. Due to the Stythe Wars, Shirazzle would be left undisturbed for nearly 4 years, but once the war was over, the Hunt for Dazzle began.

Combatants Edit

Clique Reformists Edit

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