Clone troopers

Various Clone Troopers

Clone Troopers are - you guessed it - Troopers who are Clones. They form the army of the Galactic Republic, and fought the CIS forces in a war known as the Clone War. The Clones themselves are (apparently) the perfect warriors. They were cloned on Kamino from a bounty hunter who happened to be the father of Boba Fett (so he must be pretty good) and the Clones themselves are armed to the teeth, but they share a trait with their descendants - the failures that call themselves Imperial Stormtroopers - in that they are very good at dying. That's right, even with all this fancy-shmansy armour, it just takes one shot to the arm or leg to kill these guys. Maybe Boba has the same weakness...

The Clones and indeed the Clone War itself were in fact simply a ruse by the Supreme Chancellor to get more power, and it turned out that he was a Sith Lord anyway. When he took over power and the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire, the Jedi were slain by the Clones who then became the Stormtroopers (and apparently lost all their accumulated fighting, shooting and Jedi-hunting skills).

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