He looks innocent enough

We've all heard of him. Even if you've never heard his name.

Clyde is a mastermind. If anyone was fit to rule the League entirely, it would be him. He slowly but surely hatches plans of unimaginable ingenuity and infallability. He has the best disguise of any villain. He corrupts the minds of his followers and bends them to his will, and he is five times more intelligant than any of his enemies.

He creates the visage that he is a stupid lacky, constantly running around after Inky and avoiding Pac-Man wherever possible. However, this is simply a ruse. Clyde is actually one of the most devious and dangerous minds in the whole of the League.

He is so intelligant that he is one of the suspected candidates for the 'Mastermind of the League', a theoretical entity that controls the League entirely.

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