Commander Proportionally Accurate was the elder brother of Captain Disproportionate who, unlike his brother, was not interested in philosophy and did not join the Maths Mafia and therefore survived the War on the Maths Mafia.

He went on to be the first Sontaran accepted into the League military, and quickly rose to the rank of Commander (but only because there was no fighting to do and he cheated on all his exams). He aligned himself with the Revenant and the Governers during the War of the Blue Oblivion, and attempted to stage a coup of the League Military after driving the Swords of the Soundboard away from Inon II during the Betrayal over Inon II. His coup failed, however, and he was driven from the capital with only a handful of ships remaining.

He fought in the Battle of the Crypt but retreated to his flagship where he devised an attack on the 1Pyramid, an airship that housed the Bound Swords inside. His attack was successful in crippling the 1Pyramid, but its pilot, 2Pyramidz, boarded his disproportionate ship and sacrificed himself to destroy it, killing Commander Proportionally Accurte in the process.

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