Assassins creed 3 connor kenway in snow with long cross bow-t2

Connor looking badass as usual

Connor Kenway (real name-Ratonhnake:ton) was an assassin who played a major role during the American Civil War. He was Native-American and had a wicked Mohawk which was praised by some and hated by others. Somehow in his later years, he was uncapable of simply lifting his hood up.

His mum was a native-american belonging to a tribe situated in the Mohawk Valley while his dad was Grand Master of the Templar Order and he was called Haytham Kenway! Its a surprise he did not grow up to be a Templar. When Connor was only little, his village was burnt down in a siege and his mother was lost to the fires. This then led to Connor joing the Assassin Order and slaying templars because he can.

Another reason why Connor joined the assassins was because of his encounter with Juno in the Nexus. This happened when he met the Clan Maiden who gave him, her special ball . As he peered into it, he was transported into the nexus where he talked to juno, exchanging valuable intel.

(needs expansion)

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