Artful dodger

Conman's inspiration for her persona, the 'Artful Dodger'.

Connor the Conman, despite her name, is actually a girl. She is a member of the Five, and uses her powers of insanity and trickery to twist the minds of people. She is said to be an apprentice of the Trickster, but is not a member of his brigade.

She dons a guise inspired by the Artful Dodger, a character from Oliver Twist. She uses her connection with the network of black-market salespeople to aquire information about everything, which is very useful to the Five. 

She is a fan of Spock, and she also shares a friendship with Motoko Kusanagi, although they officially know nothing of each others existance, and turn a blind eye to each other's antics.

Of the members of the Five, Connor is the only one who knows anything about the League.

Also, she liikes comically large hats.

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