Hood Pelican

Hood looks over his Empire from the topmost window of his Terratime Farm

The Conquest of the Hood was a plan formulated by Lord Hood to take control of the Human Race after the fray and confusion of the Human-Covenant War. Lord Hood took over the planet using the Orbital Defence Grid (Cairo Station, etc) which prevented anyone from entering or leaving the planet. Starting with the 'death' of Fleet Admiral Harper, Hood slowly began taking out other high-ranking ONI officials until he was the ultimate power over humanity.

He also hijacked all of Earth's trade and managed it all himself, meaning that many vital resources for the population were diverted to Hood's private army instead, creating poverty and famine planetwide.

Hood also hijacked the UNSC, ONI and the Earthern branch of SUCAS to stand against the League, uniting the three organizations briefly into the LHSUMOTKB, which stands for the Lord Hood Super Uber Military Organization That Kicks Butt. The establishment was dissolved the following day, replaced by aid of the Galactic Council Remnant, which supplied one of its last ships 'borrowed' from the Federation, which Hood renamed the USS Hood, that was used as a symbol of power for Hood over Earth. There were many more attempted bids for more power by Hood, such as the dissolution of all Earthern Governments to re-route all power to the Hood and the introduction of the planetwide One-Child Policy.

Hood established himself as a tyrant, and he set up the Empire of the Hood following the League's decision to allow planetary leaders to rule their worlds as they wish. However, not everyone was particularly fond of his rule, and the poverty and famine which plagued humanity led to massive dissent and even open rebellion, eventually leading to Hood's downfall during the Fall of Lord Hood. Disheartened veterans of the Human-Covenant War such as Johnny, Arby, Shitmaster and Commander Awesome took arms against Hood and ended his crazy regime, allowing the next Golden Age of Humanity to progress.

Lord Hood went insane during these years, establishing a love of Terrantimes and ruling with an Iron Fist.

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