Council of failures

The Quarian Council of Failures

The Council of the Failures was a Quarian organization set up to personify the failurisms of the Quarian race. The Members were selected as they are the most annoyed and hated Quarians of all time. Unfortunatly, they just so happened to be the Quarians leaders. The Council enjoyed a ruling position over SUCAS, alongside the Human Insurrectionist Leaders, the CIS High Council and the Sontaran 'Admirality'.

The Council of Failures was set up to lead the Quarian's Immigrant Fleet, who wanted to travel the Galaxy and steal everyone's jobs. However, the Council became power-mad and decided to rule the Quarians as a Dictatorship. The four members took over power from the Quarian Commanders and set to work ordering all their failed minions around.

Quarian whining

The Great Whinger in front of the Quarian 'Fleet' of 6.5 ships

However, the Big Leader Guy of the Quarians decided that all this failing was boring and decided to try and make the Quarians succeed at something for once. But Charlie Von Failure Blah Blah Something Something Trouble and Strife decided that he wanted to take over the failed Council nand continue the Quarian's failings. He built some poo armour and slew the Quarian Big Leader Dude in Broken-Armed Combat (A Failed style of Quarian hand-to-hand combat where you break both your arms to ensure your defeat, also employed by Sontarans).

After this, the Great Whinger and the Other Quarians left the Council, leaving Charlie Blahdeblah in charge of the Quarian's entire fleet of 6.5 ships. He was then almost completely obliterated by a passing Reaper scout team.

Members of the CouncilEdit

  • Quarian Big Leader - A Failure, who lost the Quarian Homeworld to the Geth, who are unarmed service robots designed BY THE QUARIANS THEMSELVES to clean toilets and fix dishwashers. Overall, ten-star fail rating.
  • Charlie Von Papen Something or Other - A Failure, no-one even remembers his name properly. He took over from King Big Leader Failure with his poo armour, only to have his posterior politely wrapped up in a little basket of goodies and presented to him on a silver plate by the Reapers.
  • The Great Whinger - Quarian General in charge of moaning. She left the council following Van Der Lubbe the Failure's Promotion to Failitude, and was killed by Jorgey and Sood soon afterwards.
  • The Other One - Quarian Admiral in charge of Gardening, no-one even remembers her name at all. She left the Council but fatally decided to remain on the ships when they went into combat, because she needed to 'water the plants' (Note: Quarian ships have no plants). She was obliterated in the explosion that consumed the ship she was on.

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