A Cresendoin just after taking a bath. Note the sad exression, and the likeness to the Earth Blobfish...

Name - Cresendoins
Home Planet - Rondo
Leader - Cookie Crisp
Description -
Large Purple Blobs with many eyes that have the power to see into people's minds, They look a bit like Blobfish...
Species History -
One has landed on Earth, his name is Virtuoso and he has disguised himself a music teacher and primary conductor.

They survive through music and every night virtuoso cook dies, only to be resurrected by one of his
ten conduits. He can keep himself alive for ten minutes before going into hibernation, and he uses this time
to crawl into the music store to hibernate.
He can transform into any musical item as a disguise, but physical contact will break the disguise
His Conduits resurrect him by playing a 10:32 piece in Z minor.