A typical example of a League critic at a press conference, since they're all idiots they think they're popular.

Over the years there have been many who criticize the actions of the League and some who even oppose it. The League's actions and leadership are certainly unorthodox, but the League itself is very popular throughout the Galaxies and its critics and enemies are often frowned upon. However, they remain still:

Critics of the League

  • The Didact is constantly criticising the actions of his fellow League members, and some thought he might even stand against the League openly. However, he didn't and was killed before his criticizing got out of hand.
  • Quarians are known for their whining, so they often criticize the League's methods. In fact, some Quarians have even considered going to war with the League over their chummy attitude towards the Geth.
  • Cybermen resent the fact that the League treaties prevent their expansion. They often criticize the Leagues willingness to allow races like the Humans and the Elites to expand. The League counters this by claiming that the Cybermen would cause widespread destruction and panic if they were allowed footholds on other civilised worlds. After the Cyberman-Borg War, the Cybermen were given more rights of expansions by the Legaue which eased their relationship.
  • Daleks likewise criticize the League for confining them to their own sector of space. Despite the fact that Daleks are a lot more peace-loving than they used to be, the League declared in an official statement that the Daleks were allowed to join their army but were not allowed expansion rights.
  • Captain Del Fail, before his death, crticized the Leagues leadership by insulting Johnny and Cortana. He would not live to see the light of day.

Enemies of the League

  • Protheans declared their defiance of the League before their quelling.
  • The Flood and Reapers, before the tri-alliance that ended the Dark Ages, were always attacking League planets and nearly destroyed many civilisations. However, recent treaties have secured the alliance between the three extragalactic superpowers.
  • The Sontarans are constantly picking fights with League races, only to be defeated.
  • The Galactic Council, before its abolition in 3440 PLF, were against the League after being formed from a splinter faction from the League Civil War.
  • The Covenant attacked the League throughout their reign. The less aggressive Storm Covenant later formed an alliance with the League after a civil war in the Covenant leadership shook it to pieces.
  • Prometheans often attack League scout parties to Forerunner Shield worlds, and since they have no faction leader since the death of the Didact they can be classed more as wild animals than actual League enemies.
  • The Borg, before their annihilation, often attacked League planets and starships without reason.
  • The Yautja would often raid League freighters and even whole planets.
  • SUCAS are an organization dedicated to fighting the League. So they're not very popular.

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