Crow-Boy on the prowl

Crow-Boy is a crazy alter-ego of Shirazzle Dazzle. Shirazzle transforms into Crow-Boy in times of emergency, such as when he is running low on Indian delicacies or if his mother is in danger.

Crow-Boy has several powers, such as the ability to squack at other people's jokes and the power of limited flight. Sadly, these amazingly useful powers could not be used during the War on the Maths Mafia because Shirazzle had not yet gained this special ability.

Shirazzle has to conceal his identity as Crow-Boy and therefore has to come up with an excuse for not being there when Crow-Boy appears. However, due to arising concern that his companions were suspecting something, Shirazzle instead created a cardboard cutout of himself and installed a speaker into the back that emitted random wails. When he needed to transform into Crow-Boy he would simply unfold the paper-thin doppelganger and play the tape before running away in disguise to transform. No-one ever saw any difference between the two Dazzles.

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