Cryptosporidium is a Furon who landed on Earth in the early 1950s. Like all Furons, he is able to clone himself, and along with his boss Pox he was able to control America for nearly 30 years through the use of the Furon's highly adapted mental capabilities. His first incarnation to land on Earth, Cryptosporidium-136, crashed in Area 42 and was dissected, but the next clone, Cryptosporidium-137, attacked and destroyed the American agents who had adapted his technology (aka the 'Majestic Movement'). He then went on to become President of the United States until his untimely demise, after which Pox simply cloned him again.

Cryptosporidium-138 went on to be President for 10 years until the KGB blew his mothership up, killing Pox. However, Pox downloaded himself into a Holo-Pox and the duo went on to destroy the KGB and their allies, the alien Blisk. Cryptosporidium-138 was born with working genetalia, and Pox realised that the Human population contained pure Furon DNA that could be extrapolated to save their race. Crypto also got a girl, Natalia, whom he cloned to make her attracted to Furons, and re-established himself as the President of America.

Cryptosporidium and Pox went on to have more misadventures and Crypto is probably still President now, who knows.

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