He didn't take his job seriously

The CyberTroll was one of the first Cybermen to be produced in the Parallel Earth, created by John Lumic as a prototype. Because of this, he had some major design flaws, but was still put in charge of a troop of Cybermen sent to assassinate the President. After he had educated the President on the nature of the Cybermen, the President had ordered them destroyed. In response, CyberTroll pulled a funny face and electrocuted the President to death with his electroshock hands.

CyberTroll escaped the slaughter of the Cybermen at the hands of the Doctor and even survived the resulting shutdown of the Cyber-network. Unlike his fellow troops who regained their emotions and their humanity and destroyed themselves due to the horror of what they had become, CyberTroll couldn't care less. He was completely unaffected. He then went on to travel the stars in a superpowered lemonade stand, saving monkeys in trouble with his detatchable pancreas. Three Wise Beanbags told him the way to Starshine Hotel, and he stayed there for three nights before eating the bed and climbing out through the Inflatable Dart Board. No-one knows how but he is rumoured to have had a conversation with the big rock with one eye and no cows that lives in the Beaver Theme Park, and he allegedly even walked up the upside-down mountain near the town of Iguanas are Cool. A Wizard taught him how to speak bark and now all the trees can dance. Everyone there is so happy!

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